Are You Out of Order? : 11 Surefire Signs that You Aren’t Ready to be a Hypergamous Wife!

Ladies, enhancing or increasing your femininity is one thing.

But aiming to live The Hypergamous Life is another; as Hypergamy involves having a healthy awareness and respect of The Family Dynamic, The Family Order and the roles that both a husband and wife will need to fulfill to create a long term harmonious marriage.

And while Femininity and Feminine Wellness is a gift that a woman can and should always give to herself, Hypergamy is about understanding and respecting the necessary harmonious dance between The Masculine and The Feminine Divine. And it is a dance that BOTH partners must respect in order for a romantic relationship to flourish at its highest level.

But unfortunately, not all men and women are cut out for Living The Hypergamous Life, as there are many confused and frustrated men who will feel entitled to having a loving feminine wife (without ever having to fully provide, build and protect), and there are many Masculina women who will feel entitled to having a man’s bag without ever having to be a feminine compliment to a masculine provider husband. So here are the 11 Signs that a woman isn’t ready to be a Hypergamous Wife:

  1. You aren’t interested in femininity, softness or nurturing, nor are you interested in being a part of a man’s emotional support system. If you are a woman who is emotionally numb, jaded, cold or unavailable you are not ready for a Hypergamous relationship. Provider men are not interested in angry, depressed, or resentful women, nor are they interested in competing with a woman’s masculine ambition: In fact they are turned off by it. Provider men are inspired by femininity and softness because it feeds, strengthens and inspires their masculinity.
  2. You cannot let go of your Masculina grooming. Masculina grooming will come from many sources: historical engineering, societal engineering, toxic feminism, and more importantly: not seeing our mothers relaxing in their feminine or living fulfilled provided for lives in loving relationships. In many cases Masculina grooming has now become the Modern Woman’s default identity. The Question then Becomes: Do you desire to evolve from how you’ve been groomed?
  3. Your Career is more important to you than having a Family. When it comes to having success in Hypergamy a feminine woman’s number one asset is being available to her husband and/or her children. Career Oriented women, Entrepreneurs and SHE-EO’S are invigorated by Money & Power and are women who are dedicated to climbing the workplace ladder of success. And they are notorious for working 14 hour days and inconsistent hours to get the job done. Not to mention the additional hours of prepping, planning and commuting which will mean only being able to offer up leftover emotional exhausted FUMES to a husband.
  4. She Doesn’t Understand (Nor does she want to understand!) What Provider Men are Attracted To. Provider men are attracted to softness, femininity, women with a personality, a sense of humor, availability (there goes that word again!) and women who treasure and value family over career. A Boss Woman & A Boss Man will always BUMP heads.
  5. You still want to be your own “Provider” and your own everything. In order for a women to thrive in a Hypergamous Relationship her provider husband will need to feel needed, as a man is at his best when he is the respected leader of his family. Women who lack vulnerability or who lead with an “I can do it all don’t need you mentality” will struggle in attracting and maintaining relationships with Provider Men.
  6. You expect a Provider man to support your “BOSS” career. Ladies, Provider men can be supportive in your creative endeavors but there is a line in the sand to be drawn as Provider men are not wired to be in a woman’s shadow or emasculated cheerleaders for BOSS women who are required to be in their masculine to get the job done. Rich and Wealthy women will typically attract Feminine men: Jigalos, Freddy Freeloaders and Gold DiggerMen. Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, Wendy Williams, Cher, Whitney Houston, Adele, Halle Berry, Mary J. Blige & Brittany Spears are all powerful Boss Women who have had relationships with men who are beneath them in stature, bank, rank, fame and hierarchy.
  7. You confuse “Looking Feminine” with being a Feminine Woman. Ladies, when it comes to being a wife, femininity is both a look and an experience. And how a potential husband “experiences” you is what will count MOST; not your LOOKS. There are many beautiful women who are gorgeous on the outside but who are masculina to the bone on the inside.
  8. You want a man to be ok with you being BOTH The Man and The Woman in your relationship. Ladies, only a “Spirit of Confusion” woman wants to be both a man and a woman. Just like a “Spirit of Confusion” man wants his woman to be both “A 50/50 helpmate and a Feminine Woman. Neither can have both, and both paths of confusion will lead to never ending power struggles and relationship unhappiness.
  9. You cannot get over your contempt, animosity, jadedness or your hatred of MEN. Also known as the practice of Misandry, women who HATE men are not ready to be loved or provided for by Men. Period.
  10. You aren’t Proud to be a Provided for wife. There is absolutely no shame in being a provided for wife, although there will be many women who will try to SHAME YOU. Provided for wives are called every name in the book by women who aren’t provided for: lazy, stupid, dumb and regressive to name a few. But Women who are provided for wives do not see being a stay at home wife as a demotion, as being out of order, as a lower position or as a lane that will make her invisible. Provided for Hypergamous Wives cherish and value what they bring to the table of marriage: nurturing support, a feminine woman whom her husband can be proud of, a loving mother and a women who takes PRIDE on being a loving source of availability for her family.
  11. You either don’t understand the importance of a Healthy Hierarchy (Being in Order) or you don’t respect it. The most harmonious long lasting Hypergamous marriages are marriages that are based on respecting the order: God, Man, Woman, Child = All working in Harmony and Reciprocity together so that everyone is feeling happy, cherished, respected, adored, complete and fulfilled. And while Men and Women should always be equal in the workplace (with both Equal Pay and Equal Respect) in romance, the long term success of a relationship will always be based on quality of its Equity, not Equality. The best celebrity examples of this Equity & Harmony are: Ciara and Russell Wilson, LeBron James and his Wife Savannah, Steph Curry & Aisha Curry, Magic Johnson and His wife Cookie, Jason Momoa & Wife Lisa Bonet, Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith, Holly Robison Pete & Her Husband Rodney Peele, Michael De Blasio (The Current Mayor of New York City) and his wife Chirlane McCray, LL Cool J & his wife Simone Smith, DJ Khaled & His Wife Nicole Tuck, Steve & Marjorie Harvey, Denzel & Paulette Washington and even Tariq Nasheed & his wife Peanut Nasheed. All of these wives are resting comfortably in their Hypergamous Feminine, (Some are even Worshipped by Their Masculine Provider Husbands!) and none of them (from the outside looking in…) are cookie-cutter, oppressed, humiliated, disempowered, dissatisfied, diminished, completely invisible…nor are they enslaved by their Provider and Protector husbands; but they are all living The Hypergamous Life.

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