Happy Wife, Happy Life: The Ten Surefire Signs of a Spoiled Hypergamous Wife!

There are the wannabes, the pretenders, the fantasy dwellers, the YouTube fraudsters, and then there are the Feminine Wives who are quietly being Princess spoiled to the nines by their Provider Husbands without having to be a showy influencer or having to ham it up on the gram to impress complete strangers or comment bots. Spoiled Wives are provided for women who not only have The Marriage Title but they also understand how to use the necessary power of Discernment and Discretion when it comes to living a well lived life. So here are the ten Feminine Signs of a Spoiled Hypergamous Wife:

  1. Spoiled Wives are Available Women. Spoiled Wives are not interested in the time consuming hustles that will often zap, drain or strain their feminine energy, nor are they interested in occupations that will fully have them in their masculine 24/7. Spoiled wives are available to nurture their husbands by being available to listen, to offer back rubs, to tend to their children’s needs and/ or to be her husband’s confidant, so that her husband can fully RESTORE his masculine energy reserves to go back out in what is often a cruel, hostile and aggressively cut throat world to COMPETE successfully in the realm of men.
  2. Spoiled Wives treasure Leisure. The Number one Sign of a Spoiled Wife is the gift of leisure that can only be given by a provider husband. Leisure, Feminine Ladies, is the splendor of having Free Time and not having to being anchored by a schedule. So having Leisure while your provider husband is paying all of the bills is the Number One Sign of a Woman who is Living the Hypergamous Life. Feminine women are never loud & proud workaholics and they aren’t interested in the Masculina energy of competing with their Husbands, Out working their husbands, nor are interested in matching, pound for pound, the Boss Energy of their Husbands work schedule. Feminine Women want rest, leisure, head space, and the freedom to dedicate their energy to passion projects, philanthropy, helping the less fortunate, and more importantly: having the time to pour into their feminine wellness and self-care without apology.
  3. Spoiled Wives are fully provided For Women. No exceptions. Wives who are well provided for will not only have their own bank accounts, but they will always have full access to their husband’s money! Spoiled Wives are never married to stingy ungenerous men nor are they married to men who will make them feel financially insecure.
  4. Spoiled wives treasure Privacy, Secrecy & Discretion. Spoiled wives treasure Privacy, Secrecy & Discretion. Spoiled Wives are not showy, flashy braggarts. Understated women and women of affluence, are women who understand that true monetary wealth is quiet and will always move in silence. Spoiled Wives are women who win in PRIVATE, and are not interested in stirring up the resentments women who aren’t being provided for by putting a moving target on their backs. So to a spoiled wife, a Private life is always a Happy Life.
  5. Spoiled Wives are Cultured, Refined, Tasteful and are Full of Sophistication. Spoiled wives expose themselves to the arts, luxury, fashion, architecture, fine jewelry, travel, and they will also pass down these feminine skills to the legacy of their children.
  6. Spoiled wives are gifted & pampered: Often. Whether shopping at Tiffany’s, Cartier, Miami Design District, Rodeo Drive, 5th Avenue New York, Spa Days, Trips to Paris, Aspen, London or just allowing his wife to have the feminine basic of pedicures, manicures, and lots of leisure time and head space to themselves. Provider husbands whether making six or seven figures are all about making sure that a Happy Wife equals a Happy Life.
  7. Spoiled Wives are Not Dumb Women + Nor are they Runway Models. Spoiled wives are not airheads, show poodles, birdbrains, bimbos, useless throwaway objects, nor do they see being a wife as something that is less than or a demotion. Spoiled Wives possess intelligence, feminine grace, angelic feminine qualities and they are women who strategically and intrinsincallly understand how men think, what men want and what their hard working husbands need.
  8. Spoiled Wives Do Not Entertain or Fraternize with Frenemies of Any Kind. Women of leisure are generally women who have strong boundaries, are women who enjoy their own company, the company of their children, the company of their husbands, or the company of other provided for women.
  9. Spoiled Wives take care of Their Looks & Their Well Being. A wife will always be her own person but she is also the physical representation of her husband’s family name and she will willingly accept the feminine responsibility to not bring shame and embarrassment to her husband’s reputation by being slovenly, sloppy, a drunk, disheveled, addicted to drugs or lacking in her etiquette and her mannerisms. A spoiled wife not only takes care of her looks but she also takes care of her feminine wellness and her mental well being.
  10. Spoiled Wives Possess Humility, Grace and Soft Power: Humility, Compassion, Kindness and Grace are highly valued and treasured Soft feminine Power traits that a High Value Man will always adore as those are the foundational ladylike traits that will often make Spoiled Wives exceptional mothers and/or life partners. No masculine provider man wants to be married to a crude, rude, classless, uncouth, or unladylike woman as that is a woman who is not only 1000 percent miserable, but more importantly an anti-seductive turn-off

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