How Men Think: 11 Anti-Seductive Ways that Women Turn Provider Men Off!

When it comes to Femininity and Hypergamy the game is all about the High Feminine Art of making yourself a Great Catch. So when it comes to romance, dating, marriage, provision or developing a Hypergamous Bond with The Masculine Divine, there are just certain behaviors and mindsets that must be unlearned or fully dropped so that you aren’t turning potential suitors completely off or completely shooting yourself in the Masculina Foot!

Anti-Seductiveness with Both Men and Women have become Rampant all over the Dating and Marriage Marketplace and it happens because both men and women have become so completely unaware of what makes them a turnoff when it comes to the Art of Attraction. And so many women have become so “obsessed” with getting a man to do their “Money Bag” bidding that they never seek to educate themselves on how a provider man actually “thinks” or on what will attract and sustain a Provider man’s interest for the long haul. So here are 11 Anti-Seductive Ways that women turn Provider Men Off:

  1. Extreme Feminist Leanings or Women who Dwell in Their Masculine as a Badge of Honor. Ladies, Provider men are not interested in competitive pissing contests with women. Masculine providers are simply not attracted to competitive masculine energy and they never will be. Masculine Provider men are attracted to the complete opposite of themselves: Soft Feminine Energy.
  2. Women who clearly hate men. Women who practice open misandry, extreme feminism, or who blame men for all of society’s ills, or even worse: women who see men as useless and worthless are huge turnoffs for men in general. Women who think in Extremes or women who have contempt for all aspects of Patriarchy are completely missing the forest for the Trees and are sending out Mixed Messages. So do you want a Provider Man or Nah?
  3. Hostile Women. Hostility Vibes are a Vibe, a frequency, and are an aura that a lot of women unsuspectingly carry around and is a huge turnoff in in the game of Seduction and Romance. Women who are full of hostility put men on defense mode as hostile women are generally prone to triggers, emotionally dsyregulating, unfairly lashing out, and attacking others with misplaced anger based on their unresolved emotional issues.
  4. A Nasty Attitude. A woman who is bitter and jaded is viewed by a Provider man as a Sad Woman. First Impressions are everything and no man wants to be around a woman who doesn’t have the decency to have her attitude in check.
  5. Women who Lack Feminine Self-Awareness: Provider men are attracted to women who put their femininity on a pedestal. Women who are aware of their femininity are experience by provider men as pleasant, exciting, charming, easy going, fun to be around and will always peak a Provider man’s interest. Soft Feminine Power will always put a woman in the Winning lane with Men.
  6. Women who have Let Themselves Go. Are you generally unkempt, sloppy, overweight, or do you have an overall “who cares” attitude when it comes to your appearance? Being unappealing to the opposite sex is a complete turn off and will make a woman completely invisible in the dating and marriage marketplace of Provider Men.
  7. Women who Nag, Irk, Are Aggy, Who Complain and Women who are Argumentative. Provider men are men who need and are men who VALUE a “peace of mind.” Disrupting a man’s “Peace” with your anger or emotional instability is highly anti-seductive and is a complete turnoff. So do yourself a favor and take all of your unresolved emotion and your trauma dumping to your therapist.
  8. Women who are PickMe, Thirsty and or Desperate. When a woman does not treat or see Herself as The Prize; a man will see you as disposable, as a placeholder until what he really wants shows up, or as a woman who is Unworthy of The Chase. Desperado women, Clingy Women who worship men, women who put men on a Unearned Pedestal, or women who lacks confidence are a huge turnoff because those are the energies that will trigger a man to respect you less. And when a man loses respect for you, the loss of love, admiration and masculine adoration are soon to follow.
  9. Women who Listen to React. High Quality Men love a good listener. And Good listening skills are a dying breed so if you can acquire this highly coveted feminine skill you will be ahead of the herd of emotionally immature women who listen to react.
  10. Women who Expect Men to Fix Their Brokeness. Ladies Men are not Healers, they’re not therapists, nor do they have the capacity to fix your damaged childhoods, nor can they make up for what the last guy who ripped your heart out of your chest did. Ladies, Provider Men are not Looking for Fixer Upper Projects that distract them and weigh them down. They want women who can own their own stuff, who can be in a healed enough place to laugh about their imperfections, and women who can be healed enough to put their damaging past where it belongs: in their rear view mirrors.
  11. Women who Don’t past The Sh*t Test. The Shit Test is a Power Play Game that some men will play in order to test if a woman is truly the confident woman that she says she is. Women who tolerate disrespect or women who do not know how to walk away from the table when she doesn’t like what is being served are women who will fail The Sh*t Test. So do yourself a favor, always nurture your feminine confidence by walking away from disrespect the moment it happens!

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